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Friday, February 4, 2011


I have decided to turn "Excerpt Vlog Fridays" into

Movie Monday!

(See the resemblance?)

This is the first time in my life I've been a writer/full-time worker/student/querier/critter/blogger/twitterer/friend/girlfriend/pet owner at the same time, so bear with me as I sort out a proper schedule.

Excerpts will remain the same, except I hope to have Hollywood funding sometime in the future.

The current (tentative) schedule is:

Jean Davis - February 7
Ellie Garratt - February 14
Mysti Parker - February 28
Donna Hole - March 7
Liz Fichera - March 14

And you?

For newcomers, the idea of an "excerpt vlog" is to submit 250-500 words of one of your writing projects, and I'll turn it into a mini-film. Sometimes costumes and accents are involved. So please join in the fun and submit to:

esolodow at gmail dot com

I look forward to excerpting.

I also want to point your attention to Fiction Mingle, an awesome site that combines a photo, 100 words, and an audio sample to create the ultimate creative experience!

I submitted 100 words for their Valentine's Day special, which should be up sometime today. Keep an eye out.

Have you voted for your favorite in the "Final 6" for my 100 Words for $100 Blogfest? If not, click here and have your say.


  1. Phew. I haven't been voted off the island ;) You're an awesome chick for having so many balls in the air at once. You're goin places, kid, I can feel it!

  2. wow you have alot going on. good luck working out the schedule.

  3. You had me at 'costumes' I'm a fan ;)

    I talk about your fabulous self on my blog!!!! You should check it out (only if you wanna)!

  4. Since I don't write stories, how about poetry?

  5. Wow, that's a great idea, and wow, you're busy.

  6. HOW FUN! Great idea, Elena. I must send something to you soon.


  7. Gosh. You are wearing a lot of hats! Loved your fiction mingle and can't wait to start watching your Vlogs again, and of course mine ;)

  8. Ooo! Costumes. Will have to get something together. Now that I'm emerging from my writing hibernation. What? There's a world out there. lol

  9. Cool; thanks for putting me on your schedule. I love your vlog excerpts.

    You've got a lot going on here. Thanks for all the links. I'll go check out Fiction Mingle.

    Have a good weekend.


  10. More power to you for taking on this among all those slashes with such aplomb!

  11. Yup, I voted! And you ARE a busy bee, aren't you? Whew. Hope your weekend is relaxing and/or fun, whichever you want it to be. :)

  12. I am almost tempted to do this. Almost. :)

  13. Now this is something I can totally participate in. What a great idea... are you sure you have time for this??? lol.
    Your life sounds as calm and easy as mine. :s
    I voted for the sentence and checked out the link... how fun! I'll get something together for you for this new endeavor too. :)

  14. I love that you have so much going on. You're inspiring me to work harder!

  15. You are so full of awesome! That sounds like so much fun. I may jump in - we shall see. Do we get to pick something really embarrassing for you (I kid, I kid), or do we have to use our first "250-500"?


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