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Friday, September 17, 2010

Shhhhhh!!!!! (Blogfest)

No, we're not in the library.

Summer Ross is hosting the Shhh! It's a Secret Blogfest!  Linkage is here.  Go check out all the entries, and make sure to comment, obsess over, and occassionally stalk the authors for the rest of your life because they're ultra-awesome.

My entry is on the poetic side.  Here goes:


Lie behind the cover of a book.
Under the sink.
In fresh-cleaned laundry.

Lurk in the hallway at midnight.
Hide in a closed casket.
A psychologist’s thoughts.
An avatar.
In the slaughterhouse and unprotected sex.

Secrets are whispers.
They live under the layers of hair, skull, and cortex, down the rabbit hole called Mind.

Secrets were born in the womb of the universe. Its father, Time, and its mother, Future.

The withheld handshake. The tears not shed.
Blink, and the truth tightens its cloak.
Why humans think, and talk, and walk.

Secrets are born without vocal chords, operators of the dream carousel we ride in our sleep.

In the mirror, secrets are who we want to be, who we’re afraid we are. All that is Not Us.

Speak, and secrets die.
Listen, and secrets become trust.


  1. Hi,

    Beautiful, beautiful the words likened to silk scarf slithering down a desert dune - its softness gliding past ions of time.



  2. That was really beautiful very elegant. Thanks so very much for participating. My favorite line was "In the mirror, secrets are who we want to be"

  3. Francine is on the money. Nice, nice, very nice indeed. Good job.

  4. I have to say: you master this craft like few others. Great job!

  5. Are secrets who we want to be? Or do we want to protect ourselves from hurt? And behind walls of secrets slowly wither from not being cherished for who we truly are?

    Love your mental imagery : rabbit hole called Mind. The withheld handshake. Speak and secrets become trust.

    Great job as always. Roland

  6. Interesting post. A nice break from stories with a great look at the "secret" blogfest topic.

  7. Fantastic entry! I absolutely loved it! :D

  8. I'm late for the party. Sorry I'm such a slacker.

    Loved this. I'm not big on poetry, but I can appreciate a good one when I see it.

    Nice job.

    BTW, the last two line are great toppers to this poetic cake.


  9. hmm, different. A lovely piece, and very deep. Makes a reader think.

    I have an award for you at my blog.


  10. Thanks to all who read and commented! Much appreciated.

  11. So different from the other entries! What better entry for the Secrets blogfest than a poem on Secrets? I'm not a poem person, but I really liked it! My favourite line: "Speak, and secrets die".


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