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Friday, August 27, 2010

Just Verifying...



Word verifications.

We see them every day.  Blogger needs you to type something similar to the following words in order to make a comment:





But does anyone ever wonder if perhaps through Blogger Word Verification we are being given some grand message?  Secrets of the universe?  Contact from extraterrestrials?  Exchanges from doppelgangers in another dimension?

Got goosebumps?  That's okay.  I do too.

But no worries.  I've spent the last fifteen minutes (of unpaid time, mind you), randomly generating these Word Verifications for your amusement (and serious consideration).  Let's see what we can decipher:

1. oxysid

OxyClean meets Sid Vicious meets Detergent for the Punk Rock Community!  For those rockers who want to wash but wish to remain discreet about it, OxySid will meet your needs!

2. coled

Slang for a future generation.  People of today get pwned, people of tomorrow get coled.

3. expeging

Another future word. 

Merriam-Webster definition of expeging:

[verb] to expeg

Merriam-Webster definition of expeg:

[verb] the action by which an individual greatly expects.

i.e. I greatly expect my book will be published.
i.e. I greatly expect this blog will one day change the universe.
i.e. I greatly expect that there will be one more example related to expeging.
i.e. I greatly expect...that I'm about to move onto #4.

4. reptabar

Want a bar in your basement but can't afford it?  Buy a Reptabar!  Cold-blooded reptiles are just as good as your outdated refrigerator!  Simply place your six of Budweiser in cuddle position next to your Reptabar's belly.  Within hours, that beer will be as cold as the frozen goldfish your kids still haven't buried in the back yard!

5. amidal

 Pharmaceutical companies will hit it big with Amidal, the new pill built specifically to fight writer's block.

Disclaimer: Amidal is said to cause sheer panic, illusions of grandeur, fan-fiction, cruddy blog posts, nosebleeds, and discoloration of the feces.

6. muteest

Slang referring to artists of the technology generation.  People used to say "arteest" to imply someone whose artistic aspirations have far surpassed the fancy part of Fancy Feast cat food.

Muteest refers to those who are overly-indulgent when it comes to an online presence.
i.e. "Shut the hell up!"

Twitter, Facebook, Blogger.  Sometimes a little Muteest is needed.

Got any Word Verifications of your own that you want to decipher?  Just leave a comment and you'll get one!


  1. To post this comment, I needed to type "Reatin", which just screams brand name pharmaceutical if you ask me. In fact, it already sounds similar to a couple major brands already on the market!

  2. Yeah, that does sound a little-too-close to actual meds, haha! Maybe blogger's just one big drug-pusher.


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